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Orange County Convention Center

We are one of India's leading Exhibition Sales Representative Agency. We provide comprehensive trade fair marketing services to various Overseas Trade Show Organizers annually.

Our team is familiar with marketing international trade fairs, including some of the industry's most famous events. Whether hosting an event or marketing, we reach your goals efficiently & well in time!


CASAexpo is a professional exhibitions company with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We have network of professional B2B exhibitions / trade shows around the globe that we represent.

We are organize group participation or individual participation of Indian companies in the world.

Infinite Solutions

Our team of expert consultants will help you to decide which exhibition would be best for your company, and will provide you with a tailor-made proposal.

Reach out to us & let us help you in identifying the potential markets & trade shows with our tailor made solutions.

Market Advantage

Maintaining close relationships with Govt. Agencies and Export Promotion Councils in India to take advantage of Govt. subsidies.

Contacting the potential exhibitors through our vast database which is industry specific. Marketing the shows to potential companies / exhibitors via emailers, social media & tele calling.


Experience the liberty of traveling to new and exciting destinations and showcasing your work to a worldwide audience.

Exhibitions are a very effective & popular form of marketing. They provide a platform for you to market your product or service to BUYERS / CUSTOMERS, that may be unfamiliar with your merchandise. They also provide a chance to network with current and future BUYERS.

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